Sunday, April 27, 2008


I need some help-I love my little boy more than I can say-but he is a little wild and church is becoming more and more difficult. I thought it got easier the older they got, but I have been wrong. I was all excited for him to get into nursery to be able to at least have two meetings to listen to, but Ryan (who has never had a problem with this) suddenly developed separation anxiety recently and won't let us leave him in there alone. Sacrament meeting is totally out of the question. We last about five minutes before we have to go out in the hall. I try to bring special treats that he doesn't normally get, but then he tries to dump them on the floor and if I take them away he screams and we have to leave. It is hard because the other kids his age seem to be able to handle sacrament meeting. I know he is still really little, but I don't know how to teach him the concept of "no". I really want church to be a positive experience for all of us. So I need some suggestions-what do you do to get the most out of your church experience? What kind of activities do you do with your kids to distract them and help them to stay in sacrament? How do you teach a child that he can't yell in church? Any suggestions would be helpful-thanks!

Friday, April 18, 2008

A night out with the Girls....and my Father-in-law

My father-in-law had a patient give him four front row tickets to Monday night's Jazz game and my mother-in-law very kindly suggested that he take me and my two sister-in-laws to the game since he had taken the boys helicopter skiing the Saturday before. So that was just what he did! The four of us got to go up and have dinner before the game and then watch the players warm up. We got to go down on the court and take pictures of the players until one of the ushers, not so kindly, told my sister-in-law Katie and I that we had taken enough and it was time to go back to our seats! We laughed that we got kicked off the court-she has a little crush on Kyle Korver and I was there to take pictures for my nephews. It was a great night and I think we yelled loud enough at the game that my father-in-law wasn't even sad he had to go with 'just the girls'.


Monday, April 7, 2008

Life is NEVER boring with Ryan around....

I am apologizing now that you see Ryan's bare bum-but I thought this picture was so funny I had to post it. After the second session of Sunday conference, we were up at my in-laws for dinner and Ryan made a huge mess and had to have a bath. He absolutely HATES getting dressed and with Guitar Hero being played it made things even more difficult. He had to play a few songs with his uncle Stain before we even attempted to get his clothes back on. He definitely makes life more exciting for us.