Tuesday, August 28, 2007


"Popular, You're going be popular!.. La, La, Pop-u-lar"
For my mom's birthday my WONDERFUL sister Catherine bought tickets for my mom, my sisters and I (plus my dad and one brother-in-law) to go and see Wicked in L.A. I was a little skeptical that it could REALLY be as incredible as EVERYONE had said it was, but it completely exceeded my expectations! It was amazing! When it was over I just wanted to sit in the theater and watch it all over again. I absolutely loved it! It was a quick trip to L.A., but every free minute we had we spent laying out at the beach, boogie boarding, and riding beach cruisers along the boardwalk. If you could take away the terrible traffic I think southern California may be my dream place to live.

Saturday, August 18, 2007


So I decided that it is a really good thing that I have never drank or done drugs because I have the type of personality where I get addicted to things very easily. Once I get hooked I can't seem to get those things out of my head and I don't get sick of them. Some of my latest addictions include:

1. Tennis-I am not very good, but I love to play and wish I could everyday it is so much fun!
2. Reading-Pete and I have started having reading dates when Ryan goes to sleep-the other day he asked me when we became one of those couples that reads together all the time instead of going out.
3. Blogs, blogging, blog hopping(or stalking as some may say)-I am new to this world and I think it is so great to stay in contact with people.
4. The Twilight Series (or as someone in the Wall Street Journal called them "the LDS Vampire Books"-just what our church needs), it is really too bad that Edward doesn't exist because sometimes I start thinking vampires are real. It is kind of sad though because my little sister and I talk about Bella and Edward as if they are our best friends.
5. The singer Colbie Caillat-I could listen to her CD all day long and never get sick of it
6. See's Chocolates-I usually go there once a week-I am waiting for them to recognize me-Everyone needs to try a butterscotch square at least once in their life.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Incredible Photographer

My sister Rebecca is an amazing photographer. The coolest thing is that she has made quite a little business for herself with her incredible talents and she has pretty much taught herself. You should see the pictures she takes of her kids-I wish she could live at my house and take pictures of our lives all the time. She came out over Thanksgiving and took pictures when Ryan was just six weeks old. Don't worry I just ordered the prints like a month ago and Ryan is almost ten months old. Now I just need to get them hung up. These are a few of our favorites. She just launched a new website for her photography called Darling Art by Rebecca Mudrick Photography. If you get a chance check it out the link is underneath my friends section.