Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wasatch Back Relay Take Two

Last year after I ran the Wasatch Back relay, my team and i decided that we wanted to run it again the next year. But life happened and a majority of the team couldn't run in the race and so I assumed I wouldn't be running it this year. I was wrong. My sister called me right before I left for Hawaii and told me that they needed to fill a spot (you have 12 runners on your team) and asked if I would do it. I was a little hesitant because I hadn't been training for the race, but knew I would regret it if I didn't do it. So that was how I joined team Estrogen Overload (I think the name makes it sound like a bunch of 50-year-old women running). Each team runs a total of 181 miles (from Logan to Park City) and each person runs three times during the race-I ran almost 16 miles. My quads are sore-my legs felt like bricks on my last run-but i am really glad that I did it-especially being able to run it with my oldest sister made the experience really fun. She is an amazing runner and their team inspired me to want to run more and to run faster than I ever have before.

With my older sister, Catherine, before my first leg of the race

It was hot and I think I poured more water on myself than what I drank

Right after my night run-i know you are jealous of my outfit-this was my best run of the race

After our van of 6 had all finished our runs-we were exhausted

At the finish line-the 12 of us were reunited

I am still exhausted-we only slept an hour during the whole process-but I would totally do it again. It is an amazing feeling finishing something you didn't think you could do.

Monday, June 9, 2008

While Mom was at Work...

Today Pete watched Ryan while I worked a 12-hour shift and apparently they had a REALLY good time while I was gone.

They let the neighbor's kitty come in and play in the house...

Ryan got to enjoy some chocolate pudding and so did the floor...

This picture was from a couple of days ago. It was so funny to me because I had just gotten on my friend Sarah's blog and she had posted pictures of her little boy Mckay wearing his winter snow boots in the summer. I thought it was so cute and wondered if Ryan would ever do that. Well, he answered my question a little bit later when he asked to have his boots put on. It was so random since they had sat in the same place for months and he just barely showed interest in them. He doesn't look white trash at all.