Monday, January 23, 2012

Ry's News

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Ryan has something he wants to say:


I hope you can hear him yelling thru your computer screen;)

Christmas came early last year-November 29th to be exact. One of the most stressful, nerve wracking, wonderful days of my life! It was the day we received a phone call telling us that the in vitro had worked and that I was pregnant!!! I had imagined that moment of receiving good news for 3 years and when it finally came I was in complete and utter shock! My mind didn't know how to process it after getting a 'NO' for so long. By the end of the phone call I was crying and then sobbing in the restaurant. Of course we ran into someone Pete knew from school who was really confused why I had tears streaming down my face.

The moment was so different than I imagined but so much more than I dreamed it would be-esp being able to share it with family. After the news set it, I was overcome by all the love and support from people who had prayed and hoped and waited for this moment almost as much as we had. That love felt tangible-It was all a little surreal...

And while that moment seemed to heal so much of the heartache and pain I had felt over the past 3 years, I know I will always be a different person because of struggling with infertility. I would like to hope a better person...

So after keeping the secret of my life, we are SO ecstatic to announce that baby Reichman #2 will be coming around the first part of August!!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012


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Hi! Yes I am still alive, my blog has been extremely neglected lately...
I hope all of you are doing well and had wonderful holiday breaks. We spent the majority of two weeks up at Snowbird pretending there was snow to ski on-it was actually perfect that the snow wasn't great because Pete was never tempted to push his knee (ACL surgery this past summer) more than he was supposed to and then Ry got lots of personal ski lessons from his Dad;) We got home Monday and somehow a tornado hit our house since then...

The house is such a mess I don't even know where to begin-the house was clean when we got home and then suddenly every single room needs to been cleaned and disinfected and there is a mountain of laundry to get thru. My mom said it looked like Ryan had just dumped toys all over the floor in every room which is probably really close to being true. I can't seem to stay home long enough to get a good start on it all-oh well at least we had fun right? I wish you all well adjusting back to real life!