Monday, January 25, 2010


Last Sept our friend Levi was diagnosed with Colon cancer about a month after their first baby was born. The news was shocking and devastating-Levi is so young and takes such good care of himself. Levi, Kelsie, and Brecken baby (as Ry calls her) live in Colorado and pete and I had been talking about going out to see them. I told Kelsie about how we wanted to come visit and she thought it would be fun for us to come and surprise Levi. So that is exactly what we did. Levi's mom picked us up from the airport and when we pulled up to their house Levi heard car doors shut and looked out the window to see who was at their house and saw us getting out of the car. He was shocked, confused, and surprised that Kelsie didn't seem phased at all by the fact we were standing outside their house. We had a great weekend and it was fun to spend so much time with them-It made me wish that they lived back in Utah again. But the thing Pete and I were so impressed by was Levi's attitude. He NEVER complained-even over his weird chemo side effects-he really only talked about it when we asked questions and always seemed so positive. Both he and Kelsie are amazing.


The first night they took us to a Mexican restaurant equipped with a pirate variety and diving show, arcade, caricature drawing, haunted maze and the list went on and on-it was ghetto fabulous and we were laughing the whole night at everything this one restaurant had to offer. Ry, of course, had a blast and I fell in love with skee-ball all over again.


We went to the stock show and Mexican Rodeo. We realized that night they seemed to be taking us to do things with a hispanic theme and joked that we needed to continue the theme throughout the rest of our trip.


Playing "Uno" and hanging out with some of their fun friends


Ry loving Brecken baby a little too much

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Today was one of those days...

...that I never should have gotten out of bed- I somehow was given a large dose of bad luck sometime during the night. I managed to spill contaminated blood all over myself and a machine at work, experienced my first complete code (the pt stopped breathing and had no pulse) and watched someone perform CPR while I got to deal with the paramedics-it was much more traumatic than it sounds esp because the pt didn't make it. Then I stuck myself with a dirty needle and got to spend the next two hours at WorkMed waiting to get my blood drawn. Afterwards, I had to go back to work to attend a meeting and finish up a lot of charting. To top it all off I never got a lunch break. I was very grateful when I finally got in my car to drive home an hour and a half after my shift actually ended:)