Sunday, March 30, 2008

...ThE FeSTiVaL oF CoLORs...

Last night Pete and I went with some friends to the Hare Krishna Festival of Colors. It is a religious ceremony that symbolizes the coming of Spring and the conquering of good over evil, but for us it just translated into a lot (literally thousands) of BYU students dumping powdered chalk all over each other. Pete and I missed the initial throwing of chalk because we were stuck in the terrible traffic trying to get to their temple, but we saw the giant pink cloud over the temple from all the chalk being thrown. As you can see, people definitely made sure that we didn't stay clean. It was so much fun and I am still cleaning the powder out of my nose, ears, and hair. The best part was going to dinner afterward while we looked so pretty.

Friday, March 21, 2008

My Thursday Night Shirt and Ryan's Fat Lip

I know you are all jealous that you don't get to wear this really attractive bright yellow scout shirt-it even has patches on it-luckily for me I get to wear it every Thursday night from 7-8 pm. That is when we meet for cub scouts each week-I am the wolf den leader (that translates into having eight-year-old boys). I have had that calling for a year and am still clueless as to what I am supposed to be doing. I grew up in a family of all girls and so when they asked me to accept this calling I literally laughed out loud. I have 8 boys, but usually only have 5-6 come and last night only had three. They are a very energetic bunch and usually channel their energy into kicking and wrestling each other-it gets a little crazy and I am having to enforce some rules to actually get something done. I make sure we have lots of active events to keep their attention. Last week we learned about recycling and did relay races and last night we learned how to fold the flag and had an Easter egg hunt-thrilling isn't it! I just lost my companion and so Pete has come with me the last two weeks-it is funny to watch his face when they get crazy, esp when one of the wild ones tried to run away last night. Things are never boring at cub scouts!

This other picture happened just a little bit ago, Ryan came in from playing outside screaming with blood all over his face and within a matter of minutes he had this nice fat lip. To console him we let him watch his favorite movie-Hairspray-he loves the singing and loves to dance. He is so funny....

Monday, March 10, 2008

Some Future Plans....

Many of you know that is has been a little bit difficult for Pete to decide what he wants to be when he grows up-I had the same trouble and didn't choose nursing until my senior year of college. Well, he still hasn't completely decided-he is taking the DAT and the MCAT this summer-but one thing he did decide was that he wanted to apply to the Master's of Public Health program at BYU. He graduates this April and will have a year off of school before he starts med or dental school and he was worried that he would never want to go back to school if he stopped going. He also thought that this program would be GREAT for his organization Vaccines for the Philippines. About a week and a half ago, he found out that he had been accepted to start this fall!!! He also got offered a research position with one of his professors. So while much of our future is still unknown, it is so nice to know a little piece of the near future.

I had to include this other picture. After I took the first picture, we told Ryan it was time to get ready for bed and this was what he did-he ran away from us, pulled out his highchair and hid behind it. Apparently he wasn't ready for bed.