Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Half-Way Across the World

My little sister (and one of my best friends) is half-way across the world doing the BYU semester abroad in Jerusalem, well actually Egypt at the moment. I try not to be too jealous considering I got accepted to the program and then they cancelled it on me not only once but twice because conditions were unsafe. She is having amazing opportunities and trying to take in every moment that she has in that sacred land, but sometimes it is still hard to be so far away. So this post is for you little sis-to cheer you up and let you know that we are thinking, praying for, and missing you back here in Provo, Utah-esp my crazy little son who tells me "Sissy go ba-bye":) Love you sis!

I thought I would share the most "special" pictures I had of Ryan:)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Congrats Jess and the Spanish Fork Kite Festival

My sister-in-law Jess got married on September 4th in the Mt. Timpanogos temple. The weather was great and it was a beautiful reception. Congratulations Jess!

Me and Katie (my other SIL-everyone is convinced we are sisters) waiting for Jess to come out of the temple

The beautiful bride

At the reception

Ryan wouldn't get out of the picture when they asked for just flower girls-so here he is being a flower girl!

Getting out some of his endless energy

We went with my SIL Sam and her girls to the Spanish Fork Kite Festival-too bad for us it ended literally minutes before we got up to it.

There were only a few kites flying when we got there, but luckily for us the sunset made up for it all-it was INCREDIBLE!